Ticket Baze - Best Online Event Ticketing Platform

Ticket Baze was founded in 2022 to help event organizers more easily sell tickets and subscriptions to events, workshops, classes, and performances at lower cost.

We spent years modifying and developing the system after working with several venues to design exactly what they wanted. We’re still improving the system, which now supports thousands of community theaters, schools, colleges, performing arts venues, night clubs, dinner theaters, sports teams, and event organizers, and promoters.

We may have begun small, but we’ve developed and changed in response to the needs and wants of our clients. Requests and desires from event organizers like you drove the evolution of the Ticket Baze event ticketing software system.

From small workshops and webinars to multi-day summits to performances with thousands of attendees, Ticket Baze’s online event ticketing software makes event setup faster and more efficient for the whole team. Ticket Baze’s powerful, simple-to-use online event ticketing system delivers cutting-edge ticketing software and subscription registration to event organizers across Kenya each year. It enables them to sell tickets online to concerts, conferences, sporting events, ballet performances, theater shows, fundraisers, and more.

We handle general admission events or reserved seating events where you can specify different prices for different seats. Many of our clients sell subscriptions or flex passes to their full seasons. Class and workshop registrations allow you to customize your registration forms to collect the information that you specifically need.


Awesome Event Ticketing

Create a free account and manage your event from start to finish with our easy-to-use ticketing platform. We pay you quickly for your online ticket sales – even before your event begins.

Detailed Reports

Get up-to-date ticket sales information on class, workshop, or audition registration.

Class Registration

Use our all-inclusive event ticketing system to sell after-school or summer school programs, workshops, or classes.

Mobile Tickets

Get scannable tickets that make it easy for attendees to check in your events.

Social Media

Ticketbaze can be integrated with your social media accounts so you can share your events on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to generate attention and ticket sales.

Benefits of Using Our End-to-End Event Ticketing Solution!

Make planning and managing your event simple. Generate tickets, create discount codes, and make registration stress-free for your attendees.


We strive to simplify and speed event management. We believe in automating tasks that can be more easily done by technology, so you have more time to plan and manage your events. We also believe in customizing the one-time ticketing setup to your specific needs, further saving you time.That is why Ticket Baze is favored by people who put on many events.