2 Demands That Collapsed CS Nakhumicha’s Late-Night Meeting With Doctors

Doctors are determined on carrying on with the strike after talks with Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha that ran into late night on Tuesday collapsed.

On Wednesday morning, Nakhumicha announced that the Ministry was pleased with the outcome of the talks indicating that both parties were committed to finding a solution.

Last evening I once again hosted the leadership of KMPDU in my office for the talks aimed at brokering consensus on the return to work formula as directed by the Industrial and Labour Relations court,” the CS stated.

“Both sides demonstrated commitment to find a solution and engaged in candid and open discussions which lasted late into the night.”

Medical doctors participating in a strike on April 9, 2024


George Oyunge

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists Union Deputy Secretary General Dennis Miskellah, however, revealed that an agreement was not reached as the parties differed on two issues.

He explained that the state was non-commital on the date the interns would be posted per the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that would see interns earn Ksh206,000 monthly salary.

The state also failed to commit on the date KMPDU members’ payslips would change to reflect the government’s commitment to settle all pay arrears.

“There are some two issues that are still pending that made us not conclude the conversations. The issues were that they agree to pay the money that they owed us and commit on when they are going to effect the changes on the payslips because if they don’t effect the changes, then the arrears would keep piling up. We told them to tell us when they will do that and they needed to get clarification from the Treasury.

“The other issue was about the internship. We had not agreed on if they will post them as per the CBA and when,” Miskellah stated.

He further maintained that the strike was still on until the state met (doctors’) demands in full and was willing to return to the courts if the deadline to reach an agreement by today fails to materialise.

“We have to agree (on the demands) and without agreeing, there is nothing. The strike continues. The court did not call for the strike so the court cannot order us to go back,” he added.

“The court said that if we don’t agree by today, then they will take over the matter,”

The meeting had been called to solve four issues including the provision of medical cover to doctors, paying salary arrears, harmonising the salary scale, and posting intern doctors.

The parties had been directed to solve the impasse by Wednesday this week in a ruling by the Employment and Labour Relations Court last week.

Head of Public Service Felix Koskei with KMPDU Secretary General Davji Atellah during past ‘Whole of Nation Approach’ talks.



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