83 Per cent of Kenyan Employees Are Unengaged at Work – Report

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Kenyan employees were among the least stressed in the East African region in 2023, a new report shows.

The State of the Global Workplace Report 2023 which analyses and captures the voice of employees to assist leaders make informed decisions for maximum efficiency shows that Kenya ranked 21st with a 31 per cent rating out of 35 countries surveyed. 

Uganda ranked second in Africa with a 57 per cent score followed by Tanzania which secured a 56 per cent score.

Overall, employees from Chad were ranked as the most stressed in the African continent, with the country securing a 58 per cent score.

The report attributed the apathy to several factors such as the uncertain economic outlook, unpleasant work environment including unrealistic job targets and family-related matters.

In Kenya, out of the 1,100 respondents surveyed, only 17 per cent reported being actively engaged at work, meaning that a larger percentage were detached from day-to-day activities.

Globally, 23 per cent of the world’s employees reported being actively engaged at work during the period under review, signaling the highest level since the report’s debut in 2009.

The report also reviewed the countries whose employees exhibit anger daily due to the workplace environment. Using this metric, Chad also led the rankings with a 44 per cent score. 

Togo followed with 41 per cent while Uganda rounded up the top three list with 39 per cent.

Kenya was ranked eleventh with a 25 per cent score while neighbouring Tanzania was featured in 17th position with a 19 per cent score.

Mali was listed as having the most conducive working environment for those seeking employment with a 73 per cent rating. 

Cote d’Ivoire, Mozambique, Chad and Tanzania were the other countries in the top five in terms of providing excellent working conditions for persons seeking employment.

On this particular metric, Kenya was ranked 18th, with a score of 38.

The report, commissioned by the American analytics and advisory company, Gallup, was conducted across 35 African countries. 

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