Alfa House Bids Farewell To Their Three Beloved Dancers

The popular dance group Alfa House announced a bittersweet change on May 1st, 2024. Three of their talented members, Kayet Orwa, Nasieku, and Just Call Me Klaus, are moving on from the group.

An official statement expressed gratitude for the trio’s contributions, leaving fans eager for details. Thankfully, the dancers themselves addressed the situation on Kayet Orwa’s YouTube channel on May 8th.

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Time for New Beginnings

The video revealed a mutual decision not to renew their contracts with Alfa House. While specifics weren’t discussed, Kayet hinted at a desire for personal growth and new challenges beyond their current setup.

Nasieku acknowledged the complexity of the situation, suggesting it wasn’t a one-sided decision. Klaus confirmed the contractual nature of their arrangement and mentioned “understandable misunderstandings” during renewal discussions.

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Moving Forward, Together and Apart

Despite the shift, the dancers emphasized their preparedness. They’ve explored options for continuing collaborations, either as a trio, smaller groups, or even solo projects.

They assured fans that their creative spirit and friendship remain strong. While they’re embarking on new paths, their passion for dance and their bond won’t be easily broken.

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