Andrew Kibe Admits Being A ‘Simp’ As He Recalls His ‘Toxic’ Marriage


Media personality Kibe took a candid turn on the Mic Cheque Podcast, reflecting on past behavior he now views as naive.

Kibe admitted to historically struggling with expressing his feelings, labeling himself a “simp” in hindsight. He recounted a specific incident where his awkwardness led to a friend taking advantage of a situation with a woman Kibe was interested in. This experience, he says, was a turning point.

“I was inexperienced,” Kibe confessed. “The girl…well, a buddy saw my fumbling and…took his chance. Next morning, I went back, confused, asking why. Imagine getting rejected and then going back for ‘answers’? That was a low point.”

Kibe also discussed his past marriage, describing it as “very toxic,” mirroring many unhappy relationships. He revealed they never officially divorced, speculating his ex-wife might be waiting for him to gain more wealth before filing.

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Kibe, however, expressed no desire to remarry.

“We never divorced,” Kibe said. “If she files, we’ll deal with it. But remarriage? No thanks. Maybe she’s waiting for a bigger paycheck.”

In previous interviews, Kibe has spoken about feeling pressured by his church to get married, even undergoing a three-day pre-marriage fast. He was quickly drawn into marriage but ultimately the relationship failed. Kibe has also been open about seeing other women during this time.


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