At 43, my child’s father still brings me to tears – Akothee

Akothee, known as the self-proclaimed president of single mothers, has been moved by the ongoing dispute between Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi and her former husband, Justin Dean.

Recently, Dean obtained a legal victory against Korra, preventing her from sharing videos and photos of their two children online. Korra expressed her distress over this, reaching out to her fans for financial assistance to hire a good lawyer to reverse the court decision. She emphasized the importance of her children in her career as an entertainer.

In a detailed social media post, Akothee emphasized the importance of mature co-parenting, suggesting that the current situation between Korra and Justin could drive them both to a breaking point. She urged Korra to halt the drama and advised Justin to allow Korra to share photos of their children while giving her space to gather herself.

“One party needs to show some decency, or else their situation is a recipe for disaster. This back-and-forth and living each other’s lives is foolishness,” wrote the mother of five.

“And Korra, stop this nonsense, my dear. Men often lack an emotional connection with children. I’m not saying they don’t love their children, but the pain you endure while fighting for them is often greater than a man’s. If I were you, I would strive for peace.

You see, Justin has hurt you now; that’s how men are. My own father also expressed discomfort seeing other men posting pictures with his child. It’s a man thing, but it’s inconsequential; it only serves as a reminder that he has a share and talks about his children, yes, he contributed,” she added.


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Akothee highlighted that Justin had a say in the upbringing of their children if he was willing to take responsibility.

“Whether he’s being malicious, bitter, or honest. You can take this to the bank. I see both of you as very toxic in this parenting situation, and it appears you both need assistance. I swear, you were never friends; you were dating your enemies, and you both slept with your enemies,” she remarked.


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Drawing from her own experiences, Akothee admitted that co-parenting still brings her to tears to this day. She also criticized Korra for seeking financial help from fans.

“Korra, I’m 43 years old, and my child’s father still brings me to tears. My child is 15 years old, and my other child is 11. Until yesterday, I was still shedding tears.

Co-parenting requires maturity, patience, and understanding, not chest-thumping. You’re asking for financial assistance from fans to support a legal battle.

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Fans are not your family. As a public figure, they depend on you, and they won’t do this a second time; you still need to find ways to make a living.

“But know this, my dear, you won’t end these parenting wars. This issue is bigger than all of us. Your children are under 4 years old.

Korra, you have 14 years of tears, crawling, pleading, and suffocating ahead of you, and at this rate, one of you will snap. You both are like daytime and nighttime, Sadam Hussein, Russia fighting. Hello, what’s wrong with Korra and Justin?” she concluded.

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