At last, Andrew Kibe discusses his connection with his ex-wife

“I know she’s probably waiting for me to become richer than I am right now,” Andrew Kibe disclosed during a conversation about his ‘very toxic’ relationship with his ex-wife.

Media personality and content creator Kibe has recently opened up about his past behaviour, admitting to being a ‘simp.’ Reflecting on instances where his actions reflected this characteristic, Kibe shared his journey of reevaluating his approach to life.


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In a candid discussion on the Mic Cheque Podcast, Kibe recounted an incident where his inability to effectively communicate with a girl led to his friend swooping in and taking advantage of the situation.

“I was very inexperienced. I tried to get her but my buddy saw I was fumbling… He took advantage of the situation and slept with her. The following morning I went to ask her why she did that. I was asking her to make it make sense,” he revealed, acknowledging his past shortcomings.

When asked about his relationship with his ex-wife, Kibe described it as “very toxic,” echoing the experiences of many navigating challenging partnerships. “Just the way it is with any other man. Very toxic,” he stated.


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He disclosed that they never officially divorced and speculated that his ex-wife might be waiting for him to accumulate more wealth before taking any legal action.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding their relationship status, Kibe expressed disinterest in remarrying and seemed resigned to whatever the future may hold. “No. We never went that way… If one day she files for a divorce then we shall deal with it. but I am not planning to remarry so it’s not a big deal. I know she’s probably waiting for me to become richer than I am right now,” he remarked.

Kibe also revealed in past interviews that he felt pressured by his pastors to get married, sharing that before his marriage, he was required to fast for three days. He recounted being drawn into the church and getting married within a decade of joining. However, his marriage ended, and he openly admitted to having been involved with multiple women during that period.

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