Babu Owino Calls For Protests Against Proposed Bread Tax

Image: Babu Owino at Kevin’s last send off

Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino, is urging Kenyans to protest against the government’s plan to tax basic necessities, particularly bread.

Owino criticizes the Finance Bill 2024, arguing that the tax increases only worsen the high cost of living without any corresponding wage growth for ordinary Kenyans.

He cites the French Revolution as a historical example of how economic inequality can lead to social unrest. He compares the proposed bread tax to Marie Antoinette’s infamous suggestion of eating cake, implying President Ruto is insensitive to the people’s struggles.

Owino believes mass demonstrations are the only way to force change. He references comments made by former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who stated that protests, not negotiations, are necessary for national change.

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Owino Opposes Tax on Bread and Vehicles During K24 Interview

In a recent interview with K24 TV, Owino strongly condemned the proposed 16% tax on bread, calling it “unjustified” and a burden on Kenyans. He argues that reintroducing this tax, removed 30 years ago, would be disastrous.

Owino further criticizes the government’s overall tax policies, including the proposed 2.5% tax on motor vehicles. He views these measures as deliberately harmful and leading the country in the wrong direction.

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Finance Bill 2024 Unveiled

Owino’s comments come amidst public discussions surrounding the Finance Bill 2024. The bill, introduced on May 9th and presented to parliament on May 13th, proposes changes to various tax laws.

These changes include modifications to income tax, VAT regulations, excise duties, and the Affordable Housing Act. The bill notably proposes a 16% VAT on previously exempt goods like bread, potentially causing significant price increases for consumers.

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