Boyfriend of Deceased University Student Faith Musembi Arraigned in Court

Police are holding a 25-year-old university student in connection with the murder of 19-year-old Faith Musembi, a student at Mt Kenya University.

The suspect, a Tom Mboya University student identified as David Kioko, was apprehended in Nairobi after preliminary investigations suggested his involvement in the student’s death, allegedly over suspicions of infidelity.

Thika Police commander Lawrence Muchangi confirmed the arrest on Tuesday, stating that further investigations were underway.

Faith, a first-year student at Mt. Kenya University, was eight months pregnant at the time of her demise. Her father discovered her lifeless body last week in her rented room in Pilot Estate, Thika.

An autopsy conducted at Thika General Kago Funeral Home revealed that she died from excessive bleeding, attributed to bleeding in the uterus caused by a detached placenta.

“We have the main suspect in custody, and we are conducting thorough investigations. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCIO) is handling the matter, and the suspect will be brought before a court,” said the Thika Police Boss.

Thika Chief Magistrate Phillip Mutua presided over Kioko’s arraignment on Tuesday, where Investigating Officer (IO) Oscar Limo sought a 21-day detention period to conclude ongoing investigations into the murder.

During the application, Limo informed the court that police require additional time to conduct another autopsy on the deceased’s body and collect samples to determine the DNA composition of her unborn fetus.

He also mentioned that the officers plan to assess the suspect’s mental state and record witness statements.

Limo added that detectives are still working to recover the deceased’s mobile phone, which will later undergo forensic analysis.

He noted that police have successfully recovered the deceased’s SIM card, which was used to demand ransom from her parents before her demise.

Magistrate Mutua granted the application on the grounds of public interest but ordered the suspect’s detention for just 14 days at the Thika Police Station.

The case is scheduled for mention on May 28, 2024.

Ransom Demand

Faith’s father, Boniface Musembi, disclosed to journalists last Friday that they received a call from an unknown person on Wednesday demanding a ransom of Kes.27,000 for their daughter’s release.

The caller used Faith’s phone. Musembi’s wife promptly sent the money, fearing for their daughter’s safety, while Musembi traveled to Thika to address the situation.

After sending the money, the caller reportedly raised the ransom to Kes.60,000, urging the family to raise the cash quickly if they valued their daughter’s life.

Musembi said he went to his daughter’s residence and found it locked with a padlock. Despite repeated knocking and calling out her name, there was no response.

After unsuccessful inquiries with neighbors and a vegetable vendor, Musembi returned to the police station to report the situation. However, officers initially dismissed it as a ploy commonly used by students to extort money.

Undeterred, Musembi returned to his daughter’s home, broke in, and tragically found her lifeless body on the bed.

“We want the authorities to ensure that the person responsible for his heinous act is punished to the fullest extent of the law,” the bereaved father said.

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