Burna Boy Shuts Down Rumours Of Infertility, Explains Why He Doesn’t Have A Child Yet

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Image: Burna Boy

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, recently addressed his decision to wait on having children. In a video message, he emphasized his desire to fully dedicate himself to fatherhood before taking that step.

Burna Boy aspires to provide his future children with even more love and care than he received from his own parents. He expressed his deep appreciation for their affection, stating,

“Have you seen how my mom loves me? Have you seen how my dad loves me?”

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He also shut down rumors about his fertility.

“Those rumors are not true,” he declared. However, his current lifestyle doesn’t allow him to be the present father he envisions. He explained, “I can’t give anyone right now, with the life I live.”

Burna Boy clarified his position, saying,

“When I’m settled and feel like I can be there for my children every day and every minute, then I can have a child.”

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He believes his future children deserve a stable and fully committed father. He even acknowledged alternative options like IVF, showcasing his openness to having children when the time is right.

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