Catholic Church Allows Man With 2 Wives to Wed After Waiting for 5 Years


In an unconventional move, a Catholic Church in Kiambu County allowed a couple to exchange vows on Saturday, despite the Church’s traditional stance on marriage between one man and one wife.

At the unusual wedding ceremony, the groom Patrick Ndacu said I do to his wife Margaret Nyokabi, a wife of over 40 years.

Ndacu’s second wife was, however, in attendance and watched the two tie the knot at the church.

Addressing the media, the priest who officiated the ceremony disclosed that the couple was permitted to exchange vows after careful consideration and mutual agreement on which of Ndacu’s two wives would participate in the wedding.

A photo of a couple exchanging wedding rings.

The talks are said to have lasted for five years before an agreement was reached and the church consented to blessing the union.

“The first wife was still there but he went around, got another wife and children but now he came back to the first one.

“Now, they have all agreed that he picked one and he did pick one,” the priest explained.

The second wife, who was in attendance, revealed that the family had agreed to have the two wives as part of Ndacu’s will.

“We met and sat down to discuss and gave me some property as well as the other wife,” Dinah told the press.

Ndacu, on the other hand, maintained that he recognised both women as his wives and that he wanted everything out in the open so that when he died, all his families would be in a position to recognise each other.

“The church does not allow exchanging wedding rings to two wives but when we are outside I will show the world that they are my wives and I love them,” he stated.

“People have a bad habit because you find that when the man becomes sick, you see different women coming out with children. I did not want to hide them.”

Dinah, Patrick Ndacu’s second wife.


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