Chimano Speaks On Music Hiatus, Says He Is Refueling For A Strong Return

Former Sauti Sol member Chimano has shared why he’s on hiatus despite being one of the immensely talented singers among Sauti Sol boy-band.

Chimano shared the latter during Savara’s EP launch event, opening up about his decision to take a break from music.

A Time to Recharge

Chimano explained his break as a chance to reset and return with renewed energy.

“I’m taking a break until I’m ready,” he said. “I need this time to figure things out and come back even better.” He likened it to needing to “decompose a bit” before a creative rebirth.

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Rediscovering the Love

Despite the break, Chimano revealed a surprising benefit. “This break is actually making me fall back in love with music again,” he admitted. He’s been honing his craft and hinted at a return that won’t be far off.

A Multifaceted Artist

“I’m working on a lot of exciting things,” Chimano teased, mentioning “niches” he’s exploring. Fans can expect a well-rounded return that showcases his diverse talents.

A Promise to Fans

Chimano reassured fans that his break doesn’t signal retirement.

“I’ll definitely be back soon enough,” he promised. “This is just a chance to reset and come back stronger.”

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Solo Success

The interview also highlighted Chimano’s independent work outside of Sauti Sol. He has his own EP with nine tracks, including hits like “Friday Feeling” and “Hallelujah.”

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