Christina Shusho Focuses On Religion After Break-Up With Husband


Gospel singer Christina Shusho recently announced a change in her life, explaining that she has departed from her matrimonial home. Shusho emphasizes that this decision aligns with her faith and calling from God.

“There’s nothing else,” Shusho stated in a Jerusalem Church TV interview. “The mission God has entrusted to me right now doesn’t allow me to stay where I was before. I had to leave to fulfill this purpose.”

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Shusho continued;

”At times, the preparation may not align with your expectations, and because you never foresaw these new challenges, you will endure pain, you will be hurt, but God always has a purpose for that pain. The pain is meant to shape you, to refine you, to make you better than you were before.”

Shusho emphasizes honesty and transparency throughout the interview.

“I’ve always been truthful and wouldn’t deceive anyone. It’s all about the mission,” she reiterates.

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While Shusho describes the separation as peaceful, some might interpret Pastor Shusho’s recent comments differently, suggesting a potentially one-sided decision.



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