Concerns regarding Kimani Mbugua’s health have arisen following his most recent outburst

Concerns about the well-being of former TV and radio personality Kimani Mbugua have surfaced on social media, with users expressing worry about his health amid recent posts addressing financial matters.


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Kimani, who has been open about his battle with Bipolar disorder, took to his social media platforms to urge anyone who owes him money to settle their debts promptly or face consequences. His posts have raised alarms, indicating a need for urgent assistance.

In one video, he sternly addresses Kenyans, while in another, he demands repayment from debtors. These posts paint a troubling picture of someone in distress.

Just a month ago, Kimani appealed for help after reportedly being robbed during a live TikTok session. He recounted the incident, stating that he was mugged by an individual wielding a machete while on a morning walk in Thika. Despite sustaining injuries to his leg and hand, he assured his followers that he was coping. He reported the incident to the police and sought assistance in recovering his Samsung A34 phone, which was stolen during the altercation.

This incident adds to previous public appeals for financial support from Kimani. Last year, he received overwhelming assistance from Kenyans who contributed over Sh500,000 to aid him during a period of financial hardship. Initially requesting Sh200,000 to start a business, Kimani’s plea garnered support beyond his expectations, with Tiktoker Nyako helping raise more than double the requested amount.

The recurring instances of financial strain and recent distressing social media posts underscore the need for Kimani Mbugua to receive appropriate support and intervention to ensure his well-being.

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