Contents of Suicide Note in Kitengela Man’s Murder-Suicide with Teen Daughter


In a shocking incident that has rocked Kajiado East Sub-County, a 59-year-old man killed his teenage daughter before committing suicide in Kitengela on Sunday evening.

The 16-year-old girl, who resided with her mother elsewhere, had visited her father at Blessed Apartment earlier that Sunday afternoon. The parents had recently separated due to irreconcilable differences.

Neighbors reported hearing distress calls from the girl followed by a commotion in the house.

Tens of onlookers gathered around the entire building and blocked the nearby road before police arrived and removed both bodies.

As per a police report, the two bodies were found lying in a pool of blood in the bedroom.

“The deceased aged 16 had severe stab wounds in her back, abdomen, left breast and several head injuries suspected to have been caused by a blunt object…visible defensive marks on the left arm,” the police reported in part.

The man on the other hand sustained stab wounds in his lower abdomen.

Suicide Note Contents

Police also recovered two sharp knives, a hammer, a piece of paper with a phone number, and a suicide note, in which the man addressed his estranged wife blaming her for his actions.

The note reads in part: “Nilikwambia ya kwamba unacheza na mtu hujui unaniona tu. Sasa hiyo ndio faida ulitaka kutoka kwangu. Mimi ni yule ulidharau…Mimi naenda kumpuzika. Baki na kidonda cha maisha. Hio ndio faida yangu kwa miaka ulinipotezea…”

Loosely translated: (I told you that you’re playing with someone you don’t know, you just see me. Now that’s the benefit you wanted from me. I’m the one you underestimated… I’m going to rest. You remain with the wound of life. This is what I get from the years I wasted with you)

Confirming the incident, Isinya Sub-County Police Commander Patrick Manyasi described the incident as unfortunate. He urged couples to seek counseling when faced with marital issues.


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