Convicted Serial Killer Narrates How Car Thieves Sell Them in Uganda

At only 28 years of age, Douglas Onyancha had it all, a loving family and a successful business. For his family, Onyancha was a loving father/ husband who earned his daily income from his work as a taxi driver.

However, among his friends, Onyancha was one of the most notorious members of a car theft syndicate whose business thrived in Uganda.

Speaking to Inooro TV, Onyancha narrated how he operated as a driver by day and car robber by night.

Born and bred in Kisii County, the businessman conducted his business along the Western region, targetting victims who left their cars in various parking areas.

A photo of Prison wardens at work in Kenya



In other instances, they would set traps for motorists driving in the wee hours of the night and rob the victim of their possessions before fleeing with their vehicle.

After seizing one’s vehicle they would use specific routes along the porous border to avoid detection and dump the car in garages in Uganda where they are dismantled for spare parts.

The trade was a booming business for the syndicate as the spare parts were then sold in the market at a cheaper price. They would capitalise on Machakus and Buteba border points.

He extended the business to the Mount Kenya region but pointed out that a particular instance in Nyeri led to his arrest.

“I indulged in car robberies. My work was to steal cars and sell them in neighboring countries including Uganda. Following my arrest, the police unearthed many complaints linked to the syndicate. I was charged with robbery with violence,” he pointed out.

He was held in remand and found guilty of the crime, with the judge ordering him to serve a life sentence at GK prison in Nyeri.

Onyancha noted that he has been serving the sentence for several years, pointing out the difficult life inside the prison walls.

“Several years back, I entered into an altercation with another prisoner where a fight broke out and I beat him so badly that he succumbed to the injuries,” he remarked.

Onyancha however, noted that he has since reformed and is ready to rejoin the society.

“I am praying for God to grant me another chance so that I can fend for my family. I am a reformed person and seek to provide a testimony in church. I would also caution those involved in crime to refrain from conducting such activities,” he pointed out. 

Outside the King’ong’o Maximum Prison in Nyeri County



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