CS Linturi Breaks Down in Parliament Narrating How He Was Sued to Raise Someone Else’s Children

Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi on Thursday, May 9, complained that all his troubles were orchestrated by one individual whom he had a past entanglement with. 

Linturi who was appearing before a select National Assembly committee probing his impeachment motion, remarked that the said individual harassed him with multiple cases.

At one time, he had to be consoled after he broke down reliving how he had been sued to take care of children that were not his. 

“All these cases revolve around an individual that unfortunately we were friends and for whatever reason that relationship could not hold and out of her own volition she decided to bring so many cases which I was forced to defend,” the CS told the Committee. 

Agriculture CS Mthika Linturi addresses the media at the DCI Offices on April 29, 2021.


He termed the cases as witch hunt remarking that they almost led to mental breakdown. 

“There is case number 74 where I was being sued to take responsibility for children who are not mine,” he broke down. 

After being calmed by his lawyer, Linturi stated that the probing by the Committee was bringing back painful experiences he had tried hard to forget. 

CS Linturi remarked that after a nasty breakup, he was forced to spend close to six years defending himself from the multiple cases that followed thereafter. 

According to Linturi, the former partner was sponsored by the former administration to frustrate him. 

He argued that this stemmed from his decision to support a presidential candidate who was not the pick of the State then. 

Linturi narrated that the former administration took advantage of his bitter fallout with his partner to bring forward multiple cases. 

This was after he refused to be coerced or succumb to intimidation to switch his political loyalty.

“The administration decided to take advantage of that situation and I became a victim of serious persecution,” Linturi stated. 

He added that the administration even went further to interfere with his businesses which were not related to his involvement in politics. 

Linturi supported President William Ruto’s candidature and was later appointed as Agriculture CS following the August 2022, general election.

President William Ruto (left) chats with CSs Mithika Linturi (center) and Aden Duale.


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