Diamond Platnumz’ 1st girlfriend discloses betrayal involving Wema Sepetu

Sarah, the first girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz, recently shared her heartbreak over the betrayal she experienced when Diamond abruptly ended their relationship for former Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu.


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In an interview with Wasafi media, Sarah recounted how Diamond had made promises of a future together, including plans to move in with her after his first international show. However, upon his return, Sarah was stunned to find out that Diamond had moved on without informing her.

“We had a disagreement. So I called him (Diamond) and he asked me if I was ready to reconcile. I told him yes and we left it at that. He said he was going abroad for a show. Diamond said: ‘When I get back, I want you to bring all your stuff so we can move in together’. I went back and relaxed, hoping he would come back and move in. After a while I met a radio personality and he asked if Diamond was back and I said no,” Sarah revealed.

“The journalist laughed with his friend after I said no. Later that evening, Wema Sepetu returned to the neighbourhood where we lived. I did not know Diamond was there. I overheard those who went to greet her saying they were going to meet Wema’s boyfriend. Since Wema was a star, I followed the crowd to see the boyfriend. Only to be shocked that the boyfriend was Diamond,” she said.


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Sarah added that when Diamond saw her, he instructed his friend to take her to a nearby pub and buy her a beer so she would not cause any trouble.

“I was standing in an elevated position so I could see everything. First I was hurt that he could not tell me he was back and then I was hurt that he was in another relationship. I decided to make sure that Diamond saw me. When he saw me, he told his friend to pick me up (at a club) because he was afraid I would cause trouble, which I did not. That is how Diamond and Wema’s relationship started and I was done,” said Sarah.

During a recent performance, Diamond brought his ex-girlfriend Sarah on stage and reminisced about their former relationship, opening up to his fans about their history together.

Diamond revealed that they were romantically involved 15 years ago and highlighted Sarah’s significant role as the inspiration behind his chart-topping song ‘Kamwambie’, which played a pivotal role in his rise to fame.

Expressing his feelings, Diamond said: “I wrote that song out of a very personal experience. There’s a lady I love and I saw her here, her name is Sarah. She is the real reason why I sang ‘Kamwambie’.”

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