Diana Marua says she was permitted to date a “sponsor” by her former partner


Once again, Diana has opened up about her past, sparking mixed reactions from some of her fans who question her transparency despite being in another marriage.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Diana revealed that she had been simultaneously involved with two men: one residing abroad and the other in Kenya. She disclosed that she was receiving financial support from her overseas boyfriend for rent, a situation that her Kenyan boyfriend seemed to accept.


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“I once had a boyfriend while dating another man who lived abroad. The overseas boyfriend would send me money, and I would inform my local boyfriend about it. Surprisingly, he was okay with it, and we used the money to pay the rent. When video chatting with the overseas boyfriend, my local partner would discreetly step aside while we flirted, unbeknownst to him,” Diana shared.

Diana and comedian Ofweneke delved into discussions about different types of relationships and marriages.

This isn’t the first time Diana has shared aspects of her past that have elicited mixed reactions from her fans. She previously mentioned her lifestyle of frequent clubbing and partying from Thursday to Monday, often embarking on road trips to various social venues across the country simply to enjoy herself. She admitted to not attending church and sleeping in from Sunday to Monday.


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Bahati, joining in the conversation, jokingly recalled picking her up from many of her late-night outings during their dating days, where she would feign sobriety for him.

“Of course, before I met Bahati, I was living a different life. I never used to go to church. My life would kick off on Thursday and end on Monday before we removed our high heels. The entire weekend was filled with road trips – we’d go to Naivasha, visit different towns, and return home,” Diana reminisced.

She also confessed to dating affluent men in the past to secure financial stability, stating, “I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked stability. I had someone paying my rent, someone handling my home shopping, someone buying me clothes.”

Bahati and Diana have established their brand by allowing their fans glimpses into their personal lives, including Diana’s past experiences with dating for financial security.

“All I wanted was a comfortable life. Money has never been an issue for me. Even when Bahati and I first met and hung out, he noticed how frequently I changed cars – one day I’d have one car, and the next day, another. He asked me where I got all these cars from,” Diana disclosed.


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