DJ Joe Mfalme’s MC Hype Ballo must follow stringent requirements following release

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Allan Ochieng, better known as Hype Ballo, has been granted bail by the Kiambu Law Court under strict conditions amidst charges related to the killing of DCI officer Felix Kintosi.


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The court has stipulated a bail amount of Sh500,000, with an alternative of an equal cash sum. Presiding over the case, Lady Justice Dorah Chepkwony has imposed stringent conditions, mandating Ballo to attend all court sessions diligently, report monthly to DCI Kikuyu Sub-county, and submit to the supervision of the Kibera area chief until the conclusion of his trial.

The charges against Ballo stem from a traffic incident on March 23, 2024, which escalated into a fatal altercation resulting in Officer Kintosi’s death. Initially detained alongside DJ Joe Mfalme and others, Ballo now faces murder charges as the primary suspect.


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In a surprising turn, DJ Joe Mfalme, initially implicated, has been cleared of all charges and will serve as a state witness. This development has significantly altered the trajectory of the case.

The incident originated from a minor collision on Kikuyu road involving DJ Joe Mfalme’s entourage and Officer Kintosi. Allegedly, the situation escalated into a physical altercation, resulting in fatal injuries to Kintosi.

After thorough investigations, Ballo emerged as the main suspect, while DJ Joe Mfalme and others were absolved of any involvement and designated as state witnesses.

The upcoming pretrial scheduled for May 22, 2024, promises to provide further insights into the evidence and the potential course of this legal proceedings.

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