Dr. Ofweneke’s Beef With Urbantone Artist Stoopid Boy Escalates After Failed Interview

A recent interview cancellation on Dr. Ofweneke’s show on TV 47 has ignited a debate about artist compensation in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Rapper Stoopid Boy was scheduled to appear but pulled out at the last minute, citing a request for payment that wasn’t offered.

Dr. Ofweneke expressed disappointment, emphasizing the value of industry collaboration. He suggested consequences for Stoopid Boy’s actions, hinting at a reluctance to promote the rapper’s future work.


To marry his former partner Pritty Vishy, Stevo Simple Boy is demanding Sh 2 million.

However, Stoopid Boy countered in a TikTok video. Highlighting the financial struggles of many artists, he argued for prioritizing his livelihood. He mentioned the concept of a “sitting allowance,” stressing the value of his time and participation. Stoopid Boy questioned why he wasn’t approached before his hit song, suggesting interviews deserve compensation.

“Sahi mahali mziki yetu imetufikisha hauwezi tupanga… Kuna kitu inatiwatwanga sitting allowance. Kukaa chini na mtu kuongea na wewe ni mtu wa maana. Mbona hukuniiita kabla sijatoa hiyo ngoma ya G bag a jug?

This situation has divided fans and industry observers. Some support Stoopid Boy’s stance on fair pay, while others criticize his approach. The debate highlights the evolving dynamics of media exposure and artist compensation in the Kenyan entertainment landscape.

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