Eliud Kipchoge Narrates How Online Hate Affected His Performance

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enyan legend and world record holder Eliud Kipchoge recently revealed a harrowing experience following the death of fellow runner Kelvin Kiptum. False information spread online, accusing Kipchoge of involvement in Kiptum’s passing.

Heartbroken and fearing for his family’s safety, Kipchoge spoke openly in a BBC Sports interview. He described receiving a barrage of online threats targeting his loved ones, investments, and even his career. These threats stemmed from the fact that Kipchoge, unlike others, hadn’t sent congratulatory messages to Kiptum when he broke the record, but condolences upon his death.

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The ordeal shattered Kipchoge’s trust. He expressed shock that people he knew, including teammates, directed negativity towards him. This experience forced him to confront the impermanence of friendships.

The online abuse significantly impacted Kipchoge’s performance. He revealed struggling with sleeplessness for three days leading up to the Tokyo Marathon. This mental strain contributed to a 10th place finish, a position he’d never achieved before.

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The tragedy of Kiptum’s death in a car accident was compounded by the online harassment Kipchoge endured. This story highlights the devastating impact of misinformation and online hate.

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