Eliud Kipchoge: The reason my family feels endangered in the wake of Kelvin Kiptum’s passing

Renowned Olympic champion Eliud Kipchoge has revealed the distressing toll of online abuse and false accusations he faced following the tragic death of fellow marathon runner Kelvin Kiptum. Amid speculation and rumors implicating him in the accident, Kipchoge endured threats and intimidation targeting him and his family.


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Reflecting on the ordeal, Kipchoge expressed his profound shock and fear for his family’s safety amidst the barrage of threats and false accusations. “I received a lot of bad things; that they will burn the camp, my investments, my house, my family,” he shared. Despite these harrowing circumstances, Kipchoge’s foremost concern was ensuring his family’s security in the face of danger.

The impact of the online abuse extended beyond Kipchoge himself, affecting his relationships and trust in others. He recounted the emotional toll on his mother, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of social media vitriol. “My worst moment was (when) I tried to call my mum,” he revealed. “She told me ‘Just take care’… It was really a tough month.”


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Despite the ordeal, Kipchoge remained resolute, refusing to retreat from social media or alter his training routines. However, the psychological toll took its toll on his performance, culminating in his lowest finish in the Tokyo Marathon. Yet, undeterred by setbacks, Kipchoge remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, aiming for an unprecedented third consecutive Olympic gold medal in Paris 2024.

Reflecting on the broader implications of online abuse, Kipchoge urged for greater accountability from social media platforms in combating harassment and threats. He welcomed efforts by the International Olympic Committee to safeguard athletes from online abuse, emphasizing the need for swift and decisive action against perpetrators.

Yet, amidst the turmoil, Kipchoge acknowledged the lasting scars on his trust and relationships. “I learned that friendship cannot be forever,” he lamented. Despite the adversity, Kipchoge’s resilience and determination shine through as he continues his quest for greatness in the face of adversity.

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