Engineers List 12 Steps For Govt to Combat Flooding in Kenya


The Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya (ACEK) has listed several steps for the government to implement and avoid the floods that have affected the country.

In a statement dated May 3, the engineers listed several terms, including the revision of policies and frameworks, to address the issue of human settlement along waterways and downstream of the Seven Forks Dam.

Secondly, the engineers emphasized the need for the government to reconsider human settlements in riparian areas and flood plains without proper consultation and expert advice.

Additionally, the engineers highlighted the importance of reviewing drainage and water systems to ensure effective conveyance and evacuation of stormwater to natural water channels.

A section of Kiamumbi in Kiambu County was destroyed by floods on April 30, 2024


Francis Koina

In addition, ACEK emphasized the necessity for the government to review policies and frameworks aimed at establishing a response team responsible for regularly cleaning drains, culverts, and river waste.

ACEK further attributed the flooding in the country to deliberate or negligent obstruction of drain systems by private developers, a factor that the government is expected to address through policy reviews.

The engineers also urged the government to reassess the effectiveness of current legislation in preserving natural forests and vegetation, which act as crucial catchment areas.

However, the engineers also pressed the government to review and implement new policies aimed at evaluating how populations respond to government warnings.

In one of the steps listed, by ACEK the government was also advised to expand infrastructure and create remedial measures destroyed by the floods. 

Further engineers have also prompted the government to review the farming practices that could potentially affect the water catchment in the country.

Finally, the engineers and advisors also noted that it is necessary for the government and individuals undertaking any construction to consult qualified engineers on matters to do with the development of buildings, civil and power and energy infrastructure.

The engineers’ statement comes at a time when the government has been beefing up measures to curb flooding in the country and rebuild roads that have been rendered impassable by the floods. 

An aerial picture of Gitaru Power Station.




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