Eric Omondi Steps Up To Aid Flood-Displaced Families In Mukuru


Kenyan comedian and philanthropist Eric Omondi is once again lending a helping hand to those impacted by flooding. This time, his efforts are focused on assisting families displaced from their homes in Mukuru Kwa Reuben.

The homes in question were unfortunately located near waterways, making them vulnerable to flooding from the Ngong River during heavy rains.

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Omondi rallied his fellow Kenyans through the hashtag #sisiwasesisi (Swahili for “we for each other”) to raise funds for those affected. The initiative proved successful, generating Ksh 237,000 within just three hours.

Utilizing the funds raised, Omondi identified ten of the most affected families who lost their homes due to the demolitions. Each family received three months’ rent for their new accommodations, along with a two-month supply of household essentials and seed capital to kickstart small businesses.

Expressing his gratitude on a social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), Omondi commended the online community for their generosity.

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This act of compassion aligns with Omondi’s history of supporting Kenyans in need. He emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and community support, particularly when faced with challenges.

Omondi has also garnered attention recently for constructing a large vessel, dubbed “Noah’s Ark” by some, which has reportedly provided transportation and shelter to at least 34 flood-affected people.


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