Exploring Abel Mutua’s team of 17 members and his strategy for maintaining their salaries

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Image: Actor, Abel Mutua

At the recent International Creator Day hosted at the University of Nairobi, Abel discussed the intricate workings behind his compelling content, highlighting the crucial role played by his 17-person team.

For filming, he typically employs a setup with three cameras, each requiring its own operator. Additionally, he relies on two editors to refine the videos for various shows or segments on his channel.


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Beyond YouTube shoots, Abel’s team handles reels production for clients, managed by a dedicated producer. He also employs a closed captioner to ensure accessibility for viewers who may need assistance with understanding the language used in his videos.

Furthermore, he has a graphic designer responsible for crafting posters and thumbnails to enhance audience engagement with his content.

In addition to technical roles, the team includes individuals overseeing transportation and catering, highlighting the importance of each member’s contribution.

However, sustaining such a team comes with significant costs. Abel revealed that a two-day shoot could incur expenses exceeding Sh200,000, depending on the project’s demands.


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Despite the financial investment, Abel’s success in content creation allows him to support his production team effectively.

During the event, he encouraged aspiring content creators to start with whatever resources they have, emphasizing his own humble beginnings shooting videos with a smartphone.

As his audience expanded, Abel gradually upgraded his production quality, eventually becoming one of the fastest-growing creators in 2020.

Today, boasting over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 750,000 followers on Instagram, Abel continues to advocate for nurturing emerging talent within the creative industry.

He emphasized the significance of mentorship, citing examples like DJ Shiti and Njugush, who flourished under apprenticeship.

Abel disclosed plans to establish a learning and mentoring space for content creators, underscoring his commitment to fostering talent within the industry.

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