Former Journalist Kimani Mbugua Struggles With Bipolar Disorder

Kimani Mbugua, a well-known Kenyan journalist, has been open about his battle with bipolar disorder. He has previously appealed to his followers for support in managing his illness.

Bipolar disorder can cause unpredictable mood swings, which may explain Kimani’s occasional social media outbursts.

In a recent video, Kimani appears agitated and demands repayment from those who owe him money. His demeanor suggests he may need additional support to manage his bipolar disorder.

”If you owe me money better send it now because I have guns to protect my money, mimi nitakusafirisha binguni wacha vitisho baridi za @williamsamoeiruto, ” he wrote.

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Another post referencing Satanism further highlights the potential need for professional mental healthcare. Kimani’s social media activity raises concerns that cannot be definitively diagnosed online.

It’s important to remember that Kimani previously received public support in 2023. Kenyans raised Ksh 500,000 to help him establish a business after seeking help following a stay in rehab.

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