Former Journalists Kimani Mbugua To Be Taken to Rehab

Former journalist, Kimani Mbugua has witnessed a ray of hope as media personality Oga Obinna on Thursday evening promised to take him up and facilitate his treatment.

Oga Obinna picked up Kimani Mbugua from his home on Thursday afternoon and is aiming to take him to a rehabilitation facility.

In a video posted by Obinna on his social platforms, he was accompanied by Kimani’s father and a few friends to pick Kimani up from his home.

While further explaining the progress of his rescue mission, the media personality stated that he and the former journalist’s parents had headed to Mathare Hospital, a mental health and rehabilitation facility domiciled within the city.


Kimani Mbugua at Citizen TV Studios on November 5, 2019

“We passed by Mathare and are now waiting for instructions from Dad and Mum, then we proceed. We will give the final update by evening,” Obinna indicated.

However, at the time of publication of this article, Obinna was yet to issue an update on the state of admission of Kimani into a rehabilitation facility.

Obinna’s actions followed an interview that he held with the journalist’s father on his show Oga Obinna Show Live that aired earlier this week.

Kimani’s father indicated that his son was suffering from bipolar disorder and  went ahead to apologise to those who had been abused by his son through his online videos.

He also requested well-wishers to aid the troubled journalist in any way that they could.

Kimani Mbugua a budding journalist had a successful career where he worked at  Nation FM and later at  Royal Media, where he graced the screens of  Citizen TV, Inooro TV, and Hot 96.  

However, he left the limelight in 2020 and since then he’s bravely spoken out about his battles with mental illness, which reportedly stemmed from heavy marijuana use.  

Despite seeking treatment and appearing to be on the mend, Kimani recently revealed through social media after his recent posts where he was seen angry and throwing tantrums showing he is not in a stable mental state, indicating a possible relapse. 

Citizen TV anchor Kimani Mbugua at BBC Africa offices.


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