German Envoy Announces Ksh 100M Donation for Kenya’s Floods Response

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The German government donated Ksh100 million to help Kenya deal with the devastating effects of the floods in the country.

The Kenya Red Cross was tasked with using the funds to help support families affected or displaced by floods in over 40 counties. 

Sebastian Groth, the German Ambassador to Kenya made the announcement while visiting the Kenya Red Cross headquarters where he explained that it was necessary to invest in early warning and prevention strategies to avert potential disaster.

“We will look into ways and means to link the institutions in Germany with the institutions such as the Red Cross to be better prepared if the next catastrophe comes. We must be prepared,” he stated.

Officials from Germany and the Kenya Red Cross at the NGO’s headquarters on May 10, 2024


Kenya Red Cross

Additionally, Jennifer Morgan the State Secretary and Special Envoy for International Climate Action Federal Foreign Office of Germany lauded the Kenya Red Cross for their help to rescue those affected.

“We are here to stand with you at this time,  we have been able to provide some support of Ksh100 million through the UN and European institutions,” Morgan revealed.

Morgan who was visiting Kenya further announced a Ksh10 million grant for families to families in Western Kenya to help and support them recover and rebuild their lives.

Per the Kenya Red Cross Secretary General Ahmed Idris, Nairobi County had the largest number of reported displacements in the country.

He added that the NGO was looking forward to working with the German government to strengthen the architecture for risk management in the country and better responses to emergencies in the future.

Notably, the Kenya Red Cross has been at the forefront of responding to emergency calls from Kenyans who were largely affected by floods in the last month. The organisation has received millions in donations including from former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Germany is not the only country to offer help to Kenya during these trying times. On May 2, the UAE dispatched 80 tonnes worth of relief food to Kenya.

The National Government has also offered support to the victims through food and non-food items. On Saturday the Ministry of Agriculture also announced plans to compensate farmers whose crops were destroyed by the floods.

Since the rains began, 238 people have been confirmed dead, 75 are missing and over 47,000 households were displaced countrywide.

River Daua causing flooding in Mandera East Sub County.


Kenya Red Cross

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