Govt Asks Kenyans To Expect Slow Internet Speeds Countrywide

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The Communication Authority of Kenya has said there will be continued internet downtimes in the country following a deep-seed fiber cut. 

In a press statement sent to newsrooms on Monday, CAK said a deep-sea fiber cut occurred on the Mtunzini Teleport Station, resulting in the disruption of internet services.

Consequently, the cut affected several submarine cables serving Kenya, including Seacom and the East African Submarine System (Eassy).

CAK has since confirmed that the restoration process has been initiated and stakeholders are working to restore internet services.

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However, despite the recovery process, CAK explained that the intermittency and slow speeds would remain for several days.

“We wish to inform individual and corporate consumers that the recovery process has since. commenced but Internet intermittency and slow speeds may remain in the coming few days before services are fully restored,” CAK said.

However, the authority confirmed that the East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) cable, which had not been affected by the cut, was being utilised for local traffic flow.

The above cable and the activation of redundancy on the South Africa route are being dependent on to reduce the potential impact of total internet outage  

Additionally, the Authority confirmed that they had directed the service providers to take the necessary action to ensure that they secured alternative routes for their traffic.

“Meanwhile, the Authority has directed service providers to take proactive steps to secure alternative routes for their traffic and is monitoring the situation closely to ensure that incoming and outbound internet connectivity is available,” noted CAK

Kenya and the larger East Africa have been experiencing an internet outage and lower internet speeds since Sunday.

The outage is, however reportedly severe in other countries such as Tanzania which was stated to have some users experiencing a total internet blackout.

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