Govt Deregisters 700 Fraudulent Overseas Employment Agencies

In the past year, the government has reportedly deregistered over 700 employment agents who have been deceiving Kenyans with promises of securing jobs abroad.

Roseline Njogu, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, said there were over 1000 fraudulent employment agents before the government crackdown.

Ms Njogu advised Kenyans seeking overseas employment to verify that the agents they engage with are registered with the National Employment Authority (NEA).

“Only work with agents licenced by the National Employment Authority. Do not work with travel agents and others calling themselves agents yet they are not,” the Principal Secretary said.

She added: “At the beginning of last year, the list was 1,200 agents but 700 have been struck off that register because of bad manners and criminal activity.”

How To Check List of Licensed Employment Agents

The PS instructed job seekers to consult NEA’s website ( for a comprehensive list of all licensed employment agents.

Similarly, PS Njogu recommended that individuals seeking jobs on cruise ships collaborate with agents verified by the Kenya Maritime Authority.

“We regulate the agents such that if we get a complaint about an agent, we revoke their licence. The Ministry ensures that the people who keep their licence are those doing what is right,” Ms Njogu said.

“We have come hard on those who become criminals and crooks, those who leave people in the diaspora whenever they are in trouble.”

Ms Njogu spoke during the inauguration of the Kazi Majuu job fair in Meru on Tuesday, May 7.

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