Govt Sends Geologists to Probe Massive Cracks and Earth Movements in Nakuru (PHOTOS)

Photos: Boniface Mwangi/Nation

The government has dispatched senior geologists to Nakuru to conduct investigations following significant earth movements that have resulted in deep fissures across various parts of the county.

In the Kiambogo area, heavy rains have led to the formation of deep ditches, causing anxiety among residents of nearby villages.

Huge cracks and fissures have also emerged in the Kaptembwo, Ngata, and London areas, cutting through farms and residential estates.

Last week, houses were damaged in Kaptembwo, with tenants inside, while farms in Kiambogo were left with extensive cracks.

Mining Principal Secretary Elijah Mwangi has issued a warning advisory to locals residing in the affected areas.

Mr. Mwangi explained that Nakuru County is geologically situated in an area prone to various geohazards, including sinkholes, landslides, and earthquakes.

“The western part, characterized by a complex network of underground drainage channels draining through porous unconsolidated pumice and volcanic ash, is particularly susceptible to such hazards. These drainage channels create significant vulnerabilities to the structural integrity of the land by forming subterranean tunnels and cavities, ultimately leading to the formation of sinkholes that damage property and roads,” the PS said as quoted by the Nation.

He noted past reports of sinkholes in the county and mentioned twin sinkholes reported in the Manyani area.

Preliminary analysis suggests excessive water, obstructed by poor drainage, percolated into porous volcanic ash, joining pre-existing underground drainage channels and causing the earth’s surface to hollow.

“As department’s geo-physicists continue to enhance surveillance on other geological vulnerabilities that might occur, immediate intervention to avoid accumulation of excess water on the surface calls for construction of adequate storm drains and waterways within the town and residential areas to allow free and fast flowing of water to destination water bodies,” the PS added.

Authorities have urged residents in high-risk areas of Nakuru to report any signs of earth disturbance.

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