Govt to Explore Diplomatic Solutions to Save Kenyan Man Facing Hangman’s Noose in Saudi

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Korir Sing’oei on Wednesday outlined the official government position on the case of a Kenyan national, Stephen Bertran Munyakho, who is facing execution in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking during a media interview, the PS noted that the government had directed the Kenyan Saudi Ambassador Mohamed Ruwange to intervene and explore every diplomatic solution possible to save Munyakho.

“We have instructed our ambassador in Saudi Arabia Mohamed Ruwange to reengage because we believe that the door is not quite closed,” he stated.

Sing’oei explained that despite the situation being dire, it is still possible to save Munyakho before May 15 when his execution is set.

Foreign Affairs PS Korir Sing’oei speaking at a high-level meeting in South Sudan on May 3, 2024


Korir Sing’oei

The PS further revealed that while it is admirable that Kenyans have expressed an interest in rallying together to raise the Ksh150 million needed, it doesn’t necessarily need to come to that.

“Our ambassador today had a meeting with his counterpart within the Saudi Foreign Ministry and conversation has commenced.”

“We hope that in the next couple of weeks, we will be able to know the direction but most likely there will be an opportunity to go back to court for a review of this particular penalty because it is as if one has no option but to go through with the death penalty,” he added.

Munyakho is accused of causing the death of a Yemeni national who was his workmate after a fight between the two.

The Kenyan man has been in prison since 2011.

After the court hearing, the victim’s family called for the Kenyan’s execution. However, after years of appealing the case, the family finally opted for the alternative solution which is paying the blood money amounting to Ksh150 million. 

Per the court’s order, Munyakho’s family is expected to raise Ksh150 million before the set date or he will face the hangman.

His mother, Dorothy Kweyu has appealed for help from Kenyans to help raise the cash. She argued that her son did not intend to cause the murder of the deceased.

“The execution is too terrible to contemplate. Therefore, we appeal to you all to help us raise this amount,” she stated asking 1 million Kenyans to donate Ksh150 each.

Munyakho is currently held at Shimeisi prison in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Veteran journalist Dorothy Kweyu (left) and her son stephen bertrand munyakho



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