Harmonize informs Zari, “Your man is playing with death,” as her husband asks for a boxing battle


Harmonize has issued a stark warning to Zari Hassan after her husband, Shakib Cham, expressed interest in a boxing match with the singer.

Shakib approached Harmonize via direct message, proposing a charity boxing match in Tanzania, with the proceeds going to charity. Harmonize, who is currently preparing for a match with Tanzanian boxer Hassan Mwakinyo, shared the exchange on social media.


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In the message, Shakib suggested the idea of a boxing match for charity, to which Harmonize responded by asking him to focus on the upcoming match with Mwakinyo first.

However, Harmonize couldn’t resist addressing Zari directly, expressing concern about Shakib’s proposal, stating, “Zari, are you aware of this? Your man is trying to play with death.”

The situation escalated further when Harmonize and Mwakinyo had a confrontation at a gym, which was captured on camera. Harmonize later apologized for the incident, explaining that he reacted impulsively to Mwakinyo’s disrespectful remarks.


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“I apologize to anyone who came across the video of the conflict with Hassani of Tanga,” he said. “Personally, I never thought that he was serious. I used to consider him as a person of words only on the internet, but unfortunately, yesterday when I entered the gym, he uttered contemptuous words. And insults involving even my parent.”

Harmonize acknowledged that while he could have handled the situation with more wisdom, his emotions got the better of him, emphasizing the importance of protecting his respect.


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