Hassan Omar Constructs 10 Bedroom House For Deceased UDA Aspirant

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Former Mombasa Senator, Hassan Omar Hassan has built a 10-bedroomed house for his ally who passed away in 2023.

Hassan Omar handed over the house to the family of the deceased Member of County Aspirant (MCA) Aspirant, Salim Abdalla Kuuza over the weekend.

A source privy to Kenyans.co.ke also revealed that the house was constructed at a cost of Ksh 6 million.

The politician who succumbed to cancer in May 2023 was ailing from cancer and had battled the illness for a long time, according to the former Senator.

The sink area of a house built by Former Senator Omar Hassan for his friend


Hassan Omar

While narrating his inspiration to perform the humanitarian act he stated that his and Kuuza’s bond ran deeper than politics.

“Sometime, in February/March 2023, following some conversations I had with Salim, it appeared to me that he was conscious of the severity of his illness and his reduced chances of surviving it,

“The conversations seemed more of a verbal will, articulating his aspirations, his triumphs and tribulations, his regrets, his concerns, matters of family, society among many other topical issues and other personal intimate issues,” stated Hassan.

Hassan revealed that during those conversations, Kuuza divulged his desire to have a roof over his family’s head prompting the decision to undertake the construction as a last wish.

According to Hassan, the deceased was sceptical of the fulfilment of the politician’s promises after his death.

“I explained to Salim that my constant struggle was not to be a politician but that I am circumstantially in politics,” stated Hassan.

However, the ex-senator has stated that owing to their bond he consolidated funds from several close allies and acted to finish the construction.

“Upon Salim’s demise, I indicated to my wife of the conversations I had with Salim and his concerns about his young family. I told my wife that I will try and mobilise a few friends to rebuild Salim’s house for his children and family,” explained Hassan.

Kuuza had ran for election in the 2022 election seeking a position as the MCA of the Bofu Ward, Likoni Constituency on a UDA ticket.

The outside of the house constructed by Senator Omar Hassan for his deceased friend


Hassan Omar

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