Help I Sexted My Boss: William Hanson and Jordan North on their unlikely friendship

They met again a few months later at a party.

North said his housemate warned him he wouldn’t like Hanson “as he’s a bit posh”. The housemate also gave Hanson a similar warning, telling him North was “a bit rough around the edges”.

But they found common ground, helped – they say – by a shared sense of humour.

In 2018, they launched their podcast. Both say they’ve never themselves sexted their bosses, despite the title of the podcast. “I’ve always been freelance, I would have had to sext myself,” Hanson said.

But the idea behind it was to encourage listeners to share their problems, which the duo then try and offer solutions to.

They get dilemmas such as what to do if you’ve inadvertently shared sex toys with family members, but also general questions of etiquette such as whether it’s acceptable to delete your ex from social media.

Today, the podcast has more than three million downloads a month.

Taking it into cinemas is an “interesting” step, says Joseph Evans, an analyst at media research firm Enders Analysis.

“Podcasts continue to grow, in terms of popularity, and now we’re seeing these new innovations – first you had the live streams, and now they’re coming to cinemas too,” he told BBC News.

Evans said you can see why a cinema format could work. “Podcasters are very community oriented as a medium. So with cinemas, you get the communal experience, you’re together with fans at the same time.”

But he added: “For many, the appeal of a live event is being in the same room as the podcasters, so we shall see if this new format works.”

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