Hope Takes Center Stage for This Month’s National Prayer Breakfast


Under the leadership of Speaker Moses Wetang’ula, the Kenya National Assembly has announced plans to host the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, May 30.

The event, themed ‘Hope’, will convene leaders from Kenya and beyond at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi. President William Ruto will once again lead the nation in marking the 21st National Prayer Breakfast.

“Kenya National Assembly prayer breakfast will be held under the theme of hope. The Prayer Breakfast and denominational meeting is organized by members of parliament and includes various leaders from across the country and beyond,” Wetang’ula announced.

This year’s Prayer Breakfast coincides with Kenya facing various challenges, particularly with widespread flooding.

President William Ruto presided over last year’s National Prayer Breakfast on June 7, 2023, which attracted over 3,000 attendees, focusing on the theme of ‘Reconciliation’.

Prayer Breakfast History

The first Prayer Breakfast occurred in 1986 when a small group convened in the office of former Cabinet Member Mr. Isaac Omollo Okero.

This gathering gradually expanded into several groups, including the Boulevard Group, which attracted notable figures such as Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Rt. Raila Odinga, and Hon. Moses Keino.

In 2002, following the election of a new President and Parliament, the Bunge Fellowship and other breakfast groups unified to organize Kenya’s inaugural National Prayer Breakfast.

Former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka, serving as the then foreign minister, assumed the role of the event’s first chairperson, aiming to bring leaders together in the spirit of faith and reconciliation.

Since its establishment, the Kenya National Prayer Breakfast has gained prominence as a platform for fostering unity and reconciliation among leaders from diverse political and religious backgrounds.

Over the years, esteemed speakers from various countries, including Former President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, and the Late Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai, have graced the Kenya National Prayer Breakfast.


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