How late Mzee Nzuki and Manzi wa Kibera met

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Renowned Kenyan socialite Sharon Wambui, popularly known as Manzi Wa Kibera, has shed light on her relationship with the late Sammy Ndunda Nzuki.


Why Manzi Wa Kibera did not attend her 67-year-old ex-boyfriend’s burial

During a recent interview with Oga Obinna, the Kibera native clarified that her association with Nzuki wasn’t romantic but rather for online entertainment purposes.

She explained that she intentionally sought to create drama on social media and decided to partner with a much older man for her shows.

“In all the shows I’ve done in this industry, I was the one calling the shots. I realized I needed to stir up more buzz for the audience. So, I went to the ghetto and thought I needed a very elderly man,” she shared.


The cause of Manzi Wa Kibera’s death and the disagreement over his burial are disclosed by his stepchildren.

“I wanted someone really old, someone I could lift and carry on my back. I sent someone to find two elderly men, and then I chose one. I had two options; one was Luo and very talkative. I couldn’t do a show with him; if he’s upset, he might spill everything to the Minister of Information,” she elaborated.

Manzi Wa Kibera disclosed that Mzee Nzuki agreed to participate in the acts with her, and they developed a good bond once they started working together.

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