“I accompany my companion to the restroom.” Acknowledges a heartbroken Harmonize


Tanzanian artist Harmonize has sparked a debate with his recent revelation that he accompanies his girlfriend, Poshy Queen, to the restroom whenever she needs to go.

In a display of affection, the enamored singer shared a video on Monday showing himself escorting his beloved to the toilet, asserting that it’s become a normal routine for him.


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“The most beautiful woman I have ever seen on earth. Escorting her to the toilet is a normal thing now; I don’t trust her, and I don’t trust myself,” he captioned the video.

In another romantic gesture, Harmonize was seen skillfully braiding Poshy’s hair in a delightful video shared on both their Instagram accounts.

The clip captured the singer meticulously styling his girlfriend’s hair, with Poshy seated as he worked on each cornrow with precision.

Clad in a tank top and shorts, Harmonize carefully sectioned and weaved her hair while Poshy giggled and blushed, impressed by his adeptness.


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Upon completing the braids, the singer jokingly asked for a gift in return for his efforts, prompting laughter from Poshy.

He showered her with kisses on her forehead and cheek, admiring the beauty of her newly styled hair. In response to her query about her appearance, he assured her of her stunning look, adding a playful remark about his own challenges.

The romantic display evoked varied reactions from netizens, with some praising Harmonize’s affectionate gesture while others debated whether his actions were excessive.


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