‘I Would Like To Have My Own Kids’-Kinuthia Comes Clean On Gender & Future Family Plans

Kenyan TikTok star Kelvin Kinuthia recently got personal on his YouTube channel, answering fan questions in a Q&A session.

When asked about his gender identity, Kinuthia politely redirected the focus to how fans already know him. He emphasizes comfort in expressing himself authentically, regardless of clothing or name.

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Kinuthia claims he doesn’t feel awkward about wearing feminine clothing while keeping his masculine name. He points out that names can transcend gender and his expression is a personal choice.

Future Family Plans

Kinuthia is open to having children someday, but emphasizes waiting for the right time. He jokingly uses buying multiple cars and building a house as potential signs of his readiness. While interested in fatherhood, he prefers not to reveal details about how he might have children.

“Mbona mmeuliza hiyo swali? Si nikitaka tu kuhave kids its very easy. Yes I would really like to have my own kids in the future, when am ready. Mkiona nimenunua a collection of three cars and nimejenga nyumb ayangu mjue sasa am ready…But it’s maybe one or two. Lakini msiniulize aje,” he said.

This Q&A offers a glimpse into Kinuthia’s personal life, showcasing his confidence in self-expression and his plans for the future. The touch of mystery surrounding his future family plans leaves fans curious for further reveals when the time comes.

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