In 3 hours, Eric Omani raised $237k to help victims of eviction


Once again, comedian and philanthropist Erick Omondi has stepped forward to aid those displaced from their homes.


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In response to the government’s demolition of houses, Erick Omondi urged fellow Kenyans to utilize the hashtag “sisi kwa sisi” to assist the affected individuals.

The demolitions targeted homes situated near the riverbanks in Mukuru kwa Rueben, susceptible to flooding during heavy rainfall due to the nearby Ngong River.

Expressing gratitude to #Teamsisikwasisi, Omondi revealed that they raised 237,000 Ksh in under three hours. They selected ten of the most affected families in Mukuru kwa Ruben, providing them with three months’ rent, two months’ worth of household supplies, and seed money for a small business. He thanked internet users via a message on X (formerly Twitter).


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Omondi has consistently shown compassion, recognizing that often, Kenyans are left to fend for themselves. His recent initiative involved constructing a large vessel, likened to Noah’s Ark by some online users, which sparked varied reactions.


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