Jaguar Faults Eric Omondi’s Humanitarian Efforts, “He Can’t Make a Difference”


Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua has faulted comedian Eric Omondi’s humanitarian efforts amidst the ongoing flooding in Kenya.

Eric Omondi, through his ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ initiative, has been assisting many affected individuals in different regions of the country.

The comedian also recently announced plans to construct an ‘ark’ to aid with the flooding situation. He expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s efforts, asserting that the authorities have failed to offer substantial support to the hundreds of affected Kenyans.

“We’re initiating what we’re calling the Noah’s Ark. We’re gathering all the benevolent carpenters and we want to finish it within a week. Given our lack of trust in the government, we’re preparing for possible disasters; we’re on our own,” he said.

Omondi added: “This motorised ‘sisi kwa sisi’ ark will reach victims in the remotest parts of Kenya to save lives and deliver food, clothing and medicine. Get ready!!!”

In response to the comedian’s endaevours, the former Starehe MP has urged Eric to collaborate with the government in assisting Kenyans.

“The disaster is bigger than Eric Omondi. I appreciate what he’s doing but if he can’t work with the government, he can’t make a difference. If you look at what he is doing by going to one place when the floods are all over Kenya, it is good that he is uniting with the government even if he is against the government,” Jaguar said.


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