Jovial Speaks Out On Challenges Of Co-Parenting

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Singer Jovial recently weighed in on the struggles of co-parenting via social media. Jovial, a single mom, emphasizes that children are the most impacted when parents fight during co-parenting.

“Co-parenting has got to be one of the most draining things,” she shared. Jovial suggests that lingering bitterness can lead parents to use co-parenting as a weapon, hurting the child in the process.

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She highlights the importance of emotional preparedness alongside physical readiness when considering parenthood.

“Prepare yourself mentally and psychologically!” she advises. Jovial concludes by recommending having children only when fully prepared for the challenges, including co-parenting.

Jovial has shielded her daughter from the spotlight and remains private about her child’s father. This focus on her daughter’s privacy extends to her own musical career.

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While achieving success in the Kenyan music industry, Jovial sings primarily in Swahili, stating this language best expresses her identity and allows her to connect with her audience.

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