Judiciary Settles on Green Justice as New Way of Sentencing Petty Offenders

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Chief Justice, Martha Koome unveiled a new alternative system of sentencing petty offenders which will see them compelled to plant trees instead of being locked in prison.

Koome revealed that the Judiciary is keen on establishing a Green Justice System that will contribute to the country’s ambitious targets to plant over a billion trees in the next years.

Speaking during a tree planting initiative in Nanyuki, Koome stated that the Judiciary considered the alternative as a means to push the Climate Agenda within the country.

According to Koome, petty offenders will be required to undertake environmental and climate change initiatives within public institutions such as cleaning, planting trees and overall maintenance like painting.

A photo of prisoners in Mombasa during a worship service in prison

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“We are also adopting, what we are calling Green Justice Sentencing, instead of sentencing people to go and lounge in prison, we will be sentencing them to community service where they can do tree planting, cleaning hospitals, and markets, and painting public offices,” stated Koome.

Further, she explained that the Judiciary was working in collaboration with the county governments to devise a system through which they would supervise the Green Justice system.

Koome also explained that the Judiciary was keen on adopting alternatives that would push for sustainability such as switching electricity with solar power in various judicial offices.

“We have been very deliberate and very intentional about planting trees, we call it Greening the Judiciary, we have also adopted other methods of saving the environment like using solar power instead of electricity,” stated Koome.

The move is in line with the government’s initiative to undertake activities that will combat climate change.

As part of ensuring the success of the climate activism agenda, the government has created an ambitious plan to plant 15 billion trees by 2032.

Additionally, the government named May 10, 2024, as a tree growing day to further allow Kenyans to undertake the exercise.

During the tree-planting exercise, the ministry of environment allocated top government officials including Cabinet Secretaries areas for them to plant and nurture trees.

DP Rigathi Gachagua planting a tree at Nyeri Maximum Security Prison on January 1, 2023.


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