Kamene Goro shares stories of romance, navigating blended family dynamics, and grappling with anxieties about motherhood

Media personality Kamene Goro delves into her experiences with meeting and bonding with DJ Bonez’s children, as well as her reasons for not yet becoming a mother.


Kamene Goro refutes involvement in any accident, affirming that she is alive and well.

During a discussion with the Murayas on TV 47, Kamene and her husband DJ Bonez opened up about their journey as a couple, sharing both the joyful moments and the challenges they’ve faced.

Kamene recalled her initial nerves when meeting DJ Bonez’s children for the first time, recognizing the importance of his role as a father even before they became a couple. She made an effort to make a good impression by buying gifts and cooking for them, which helped her bond with them quickly.


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Describing the children as amazing and expressing her love for them, Kamene acknowledged the responsibility that comes with being a parent. However, when the topic of having children of their own arose, she expressed some hesitation.

While DJ Bonez jokingly mentioned his readiness to expand their family, Kamene expressed concerns about motherhood and childbirth, considering herself still partly a child and finding the process daunting.


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Despite her fears, Kamene admitted that DJ Bonez is the only person she has considered having children with, citing their strong bond and understanding. She appreciates that he respects her timeline and doesn’t pressure her into making a decision.

In a touching moment, DJ Bonez reassured Kamene that he supports her and won’t pressure her into parenthood, emphasizing that he’s ready whenever she feels ready.

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