Kanze Dena Reminisces Growing Up With Strict Parents & It’s Disadvantages

Image: Kanze Dena before the new weight

Former Government spokesperson Kanze Dena offers a glimpse into her personal journey of motherhood, revealing how her own upbringing shaped her parenting style.

In a candid interview with Parents Magazine, Kanze discusses the impact of her mother’s strict parenting.

“It was not good,” she explains, attributing it to her mother’s own harsh upbringing. This experience ignited a desire in Kanze to create a different dynamic with her own children.

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Kanze delves into the challenges of her first pregnancy, occurring after high school and just before college. Fearing her mother’s reaction to an out-of-wedlock pregnancy, she considered adoption.

“I was scared,” she admits, “thinking I would be punished.”

Concerned about societal stigma and judgment, Kanze initially planned to place the baby for adoption. However, a mix-up at the hospital led to a crucial turning point. The newborn was unexpectedly placed in her arms, creating an instant bond that conflicted with her plan.

“I wasn’t prepared,” she shares with a laugh, “but something shifted.”

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This experience became a catalyst for Kanze’s new approach to parenting. Today, as a mother of two, she prioritizes open communication and understanding. “I want to be friends with my children,” she declares, “just like I am with my son Nathaniel.” Kanze’s story highlights the power of breaking cycles and creating a nurturing environment for the next generation.

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