Karen Nyamu Explains Why Tik-Tok Might Be Banned In Kenya

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Kenyan Senator Karen Nyamu was temporarily suspended from going live on TikTok for allegedly violating the platform’s community guidelines.

TikTok is a social media app popular for short videos, often featuring dance, comedy, or educational content.

Senator Nyamu shared a screenshot showing the restriction and explained that TikTok flagged her content as “sexually suggestive.” The platform indicated her account would be reinstated later that day.

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Reports suggest the violation stemmed from a hug shared with a friend during a livestream. Senator Nyamu expressed amusement at the situation, acknowledging TikTok’s efforts to moderate content.

“I like the controls and checks TikTok has put in place,” she stated on social media. “A lady just happened to hug me on my shoulder, and this happened.”

Senator Nyamu jokingly added,

“who knows, TikTok might start taking even the slightest things seriously from now on.”

The colloquy about Tik-Tok has been paramount globally; with US threatening to ban it. Even though there are tough restrictions, it remains to be among the apps that have been on the spotlight for spreading uncouth media. The debate on whether it should be banned in Kenya remains un-answered.

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