KDF personnel search the fallen Uthiru building site for casualties

On Wednesday, the military joined the search and rescue efforts at a collapsed building in Nairobi’s Uthiru area.

While some officials claimed that all 34 tenants had been found, others highlighted the challenge of accessing the submerged ground floor.


Meteorological Department Reports Continued Rainfall & Flooding

As a result, the rescue team requested assistance from the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) due to their specialized expertise.

Nairobi police commander Adamson Bungei explained that the teams were mobilized to stabilize the site and aid in the search efforts.

Sniffer dogs are also being utilized to assist in locating any individuals trapped under the rubble.


Tropical Storm Hidaya is done, and there will be a lot of rain

The collapse of the five-storey building occurred on Tuesday evening, with residents still inside. Heavy rains in the region are believed to have contributed to the incident.

Investigations into the collapse are ongoing, although no casualties have been reported so far, according to Nairobi Disaster Management Chief Officer Bramwel Simiyu.

Concerns about missing individuals, including a 10-year-old girl, have been addressed, with Simiyu confirming that all residents were able to evacuate safely.

While one house with a gas flame was allowed to burn out safely, the county government’s emergency team continues to search the area for any remaining hazards.

The building collapse occurred along Naivasha Road, near the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), adding to the challenges posed by floods in the region.

The devastating floods have claimed over 240 lives and displaced thousands, leading to the postponement of school openings.

The government is working urgently to address the crisis, including evacuating over 200 families from villages in Kijabe due to the threat of landslides, as ordered by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki.

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