Kelvin Kinuthia discusses gender, spirituality, and future aspirations for children in actual terms

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“Nikitaka kuhave kids it’s very easy,” TikToker Kelvin Kinuthia revealed during a Q&A session with fans on his YouTube channel. Here’s a summary of what he shared:

When questioned about his gender identity, Kinuthia encouraged people to stick to the gender they know him as, without delving further. “Si I think this is normal so hata hakuna mtu anfaa kumiuliza mimi ni gender gani… Wewe ile gender unajua I am, just stick to that. Usiende kwa ingine,” he said.


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He expressed comfort in his choices, even when dressing in female attire while retaining his male name, Kinuthia. “Huwa sifeel weird because si ni mimi nimeamua na kichwa yangu mzuri nitavaa wig, nitavaa dress na nitoke nje? Why should I feel weird?” he stated.

Kinuthia emphasized that names are not confined by gender and that he sees no issue in expressing oneself authentically. “Kitu watu hawahaelewi ni that even a girl can also be called Kinuthia. Could be a sir name ama jina yake ya tatu. Kuna watu wanaitwa na jina ya their fathers. Mi sionangi kiwa big deal because it’s a name of a person,” he explained.


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While Kinuthia expressed openness to the idea of having children, he stressed the importance of timing. He humorously suggested that fans would know he’s ready for kids when they see him acquiring multiple cars and building his own house. “Mbona mmeuliza hiyo swali? Si nikitaka tu kuhave kids its very easy. Yes I would really like to have my own kids in the future, when am ready. Mkiona nimenunua a collection of three cars and nimejenga nyumb ayangu mjue sasa am ready…But it’s maybe one or two. Lakini msiniulize aje,” he said.

In a surprising revelation, Kinuthia disclosed that he considers himself a very prayerful person. Despite not actively participating in organized religion, he believes in God and cherishes his faith. Kinuthia attributed his blessings to his prayerful nature, underscoring the significance of spirituality in his life. “I think am the most prayerful person. Na hata pia things that God has done for me should tell you that am one of the most prayerful people I know. Najijua kivyangu. I might not go to church or do things for church but for me, I know I believe in God and I acknowledge Jesus higher,” he expressed.

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