Kenya Power Outage

Friday power blackout updates in four counties including Nairobi

Four Counties to Experience Power Blackout on August 25, 2023: Kenya Power Company Announces

Power disruptions are on the horizon for residents of four Kenyan counties on Friday, August 25, 2023. In an official statement released on Thursday, August 24, the Kenya Power Company (KPC) informed the public about an upcoming blackout resulting from routine power maintenance. This maintenance-driven interruption is projected to temporarily affect normal electricity services in various regions within the specified counties. Let’s delve into the details of this scheduled power blackout and the areas it will impact.

Nairobi County: Kaloleni Estate in the Dark

Among the areas slated for the planned power interruptions is Nairobi County, with the Kaloleni estate at the forefront of the impact. Residents and establishments within the Kaloleni Social Hall, St John’s Secondary School, and neighboring locations are bracing themselves for a temporary loss of electricity supply during this maintenance period.

Kiambu County: Multiple Regions to Be Affected

Kiambu County is the second county on the list of those to be affected by the upcoming blackout. Within this county, various areas will experience the scheduled power disruption. Kinoo, Muthiga, and Baraniki are among the regions set to face temporary electricity unavailability. Additionally, parts of Kiambu County, including Kinoo Market, Gaitumbi, and adjacent customers, will also bear the impact of this maintenance-driven blackout.

Trans Nzoia County: Matunda and Moi’s Bridge Affected

The power interruption extends to Trans Nzoia County as well, with Matunda and Moi’s Bridge being explicitly identified as the areas that will experience the blackout. In addition to these areas, other locations like Chukura, Kona Mbaya, Nzoia, Binyenya, Mburur, and adjacent customers within Trans Nzoia County will also undergo temporary power unavailability.

Kilifi County: Multiple Locations in Darkness

Kilifi County is no exception to the planned power blackout. Vipingo, Mariashani, Utalii College, Vipingo Health Center, Vipingo Trading Center, Vipingo Makaburini, Palm Ridge, Awali Estate, Shariani, Madrassa, Shariani Primary School, and Shariani Center are among the locations encompassed by the outage. Additionally, areas like Kuruwitu Road, Vipingo Ridge Bridge, Buxton Kinuni, Kuruwitu Michikichi, Shariani Pope, and adjacent customers are also set to experience the planned blackout.

Regular Maintenance Disruptions: A Persistent Challenge

Throughout the year, the Kenya Power Company has recurrently issued announcements detailing the areas that will be affected by power blackouts due to maintenance activities. While these measures are aimed at enhancing the reliability and safety of the electricity distribution network, they can pose inconveniences, particularly for businesses that experience financial losses during these interruptions.

In a recent instance on August 24, 2023, seven counties—including Nairobi, Narok, Nakuru, Meru, Kirinyaga, and Kilifi—were subjected to power interruptions as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a dependable electricity distribution network.


As the scheduled blackout approaches, residents and businesses in the four affected counties are advised to make necessary preparations to mitigate the impact of the temporary power unavailability. The Kenya Power Company’s dedication to maintaining the reliability and safety of the electricity distribution network is evident through these regular maintenance-related blackouts.


1. Why are these power blackouts necessary? These power blackouts are part of routine maintenance efforts by the Kenya Power Company to ensure the reliability and safety of the electricity distribution network.

2. How long will the power blackout last? The duration of the power blackout may vary, but it’s typically within a specified time frame to minimize disruption.

3. Can businesses claim compensation for financial losses during these blackouts? Compensation policies for businesses during power blackouts may vary. It’s recommended to inquire with the Kenya Power Company for more information.

4. How often does the Kenya Power Company conduct maintenance-related blackouts? The company issues such announcements periodically, with the frequency dependent on maintenance requirements.

5. Are there any alternative power sources available during these blackouts? Depending on the situation, some areas might have backup power solutions. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or energy providers for options.

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